Come on Council. It's time to get behind and make some effort to support the Wonderful Earth Recovery/Soul Kitchen organisation who financially struggle to help those in need in the Community.


This is extremely dangerous!! You can see the cars speeding along Blaxland Road. This woman was required to walk out to try and see cars coming to her right with her pram onto the white barrier line, then retreat back. Then when a kind soul stopped to let her cross, whilst she was focussing intently on this car, a car came from behind which she did not notice and which i noticed and anxiously warned her but it was too late as she was on the road. This scared me. How can the Council think that this dangerous crossing does not need some form of safety crossing? Will it take a death or injury of a child, disabled person or mother with a pram for them to see some common sense!! In this clip, in less than one minute, this woman has to deal with 10 cars with several other going past off camera. THIS CROSSING IS CLEARLY DANGEROUS!! The Dept of Roads and Maritime Services does not see it as requiring a school crossing and believes that school children can cross this safely. It would be good if these 2 organisations did the honorable thing and worked together for the safety of those who cross. I have also recently seen a disabled person crossing and it is not safe.

There is no video clip yet

Would you feel comfortable having your child cross a road like this on the way to school without any form of safety crossing and having blind spots either side to make it even more dangerous???

Badgery's Creek Airport with planes flying over the World Heritage Area is nonsense!!

''If a trees falls in a forest, does anybody hear'. The mountains village feel has been eroded by years by road widening. There is now a proposal to decimate Blackheath's village beauty to satisfy the need for the transport needs of trucks. Widening the road will make it more dangerous as cars and trucks will simply drive through faster, making it more dangerous for locals. Sometimes there are traffic delays but these delays just mean the traffic is slowed down for awhile which is safer for everyone. IT IS TIME TO MAKE A STAND!!Please scroll down and copy and paste petition below and sign it

We are a group of Mountains Residents who decided to come together to support positive initiatives and issues we come across of Concern, especially in relation to more vulnerable members of our community.

We are currently involved in multiple matters

* Council support for Earth Recovery Australia/Mountains Soul Kitchen. We have found out that this amazing organisation, run by Rosa Del Ponte (who many see as a 'Mother Teresa" of the Upper Mountains) is struggling financially. Why is such a local resource not being supported by the Council. Surely they can make more effort to become involved and keep this valuable and loved Community resource afloat. 

* The proposed airport at Badgerys Creek. It is ridiculous to have planes flying over a World Heritage area for a number of reasons. Safety, Tourism, World Heritage Status, Impeding work to control bushfires (ie potentially conflicting with helicopters and planes in fighting bush fires). Full Credit to Mark Greenhill, Annette Bennett and Romola Hollywood for the work they are doing to stop this insanity.

* Helping to start a discussion about Ice and other heavier drug use in the Mountains (see below)

* A Campaign largely run by local Mountains youth to stop Sydney City Council from heartlessly removing tents from homeless people

* Inconsistent signage re speed limits at various locations along the main Great Western Highway in the mountains and inconsistent methods of police monitoring speeding.

* The huge debt of Blue Mountains Council. Due to it ballooning hugely, a process ensued that resulted in rates being increased by 40% over four years. The debt has come down from over 52 million to around 47 million but it appears this is also due to selling off assets. Rate payers have had to bear the brunt of a 40% increase in rates to pay for this overspending. There are remours that the Council is looking at charging more for rubbish fees. If that is the case, it is outrageous.

"Ward Four Councillor Brendan Christie said that he holds "grave concerns if IPART approves the 40.4 percent rate rise."

"Young families and pensioners will be hit hardest and struggle as is with cost of living pressures," he said. "No one will be spared from the rate increase, including our already struggling small businesses."

He has previously argued that the Council's consultation process did not properly canvass the community's views."

It was approved the next year so ratepayers now will pay the increase.

Previously - Supporting Fund raising for victims in Nepal and Refugees

If you have some local issues you would like us to look at and possibly help promote, you can email

* Road Widening Blackheath

When will the Government learn. It is not just about faster trucking times from the West to Sydney, it is also about preserving the natural beauty, keeping traffic slower around built up areas and listening to the locals. 

please copy and paste the petition details below

* Two issues re dangerous crossings Wentworth Falls

Railway Bridge Wentworth Falls - a small child tripped on the side of the bridge and nearly fell in front of an oncoming car and could have been killed in Oct 2013. It has been nearly two years and people cross it daily, elderly, disabled, children, women with prams, etc and anyone can slip over the steep edge. 

Lack of pedestrian crossing Blaxland Road and Sinclair Crescent. This is extremely dangerous as on school days many children cross in an area with limited visibility and without any form of safety crossing, often unable to cross due to traffic and dangerously crossing to not miss their train. There have been many near misses. The elderly, disabled, tourists and community members also are forced to cross here. A pedestrian crossing for the entire community is urgently required.

It is hoped that action can be taken to avoid a serious injury.

Many thanks for your time.

Mountains Concerned Citizens


We are offering our support to help raise funds for this outstanding Katoomba youth who is currently in Nepal helping victims of the recent earthquakes by helping building shelter for villagers

Children waiting to cross the intersection of Sinclair Crescent and Blaxland Road. Cars often come around this corner at speed. We have observed some near misses involving children and of how dangerous and intimidating it is for children crossing here, let alone elderly and disabled persons. We have seen children waiting and becoming frustrated with the amount of traffic and walking through the gaps in waiting cars to cross so they wont be late for class or to catch a train. As you can see, there is a truck and 3 cars here and by their posture, you can see children have been waiting to cross for awhile. I was required to go out and stop traffic to allow a crossing. This area should be designated as a School Zone with a pedestrian crossing installed as a matter or urgency.

Councillor Bennett seeing the daily dangers of children crossing at corner Blaxland Rd and Sinclair Crescent.

These two women have been told that their tents can be taken away. You can hear their story at

We recently organised a Community Forum on Ice in the mountains, with well known Indigenous activist and performer Radical Son a key speaker.